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Joanne Martin

When her trademark laughter rang out across the offices, you couldn’t help but smile. And even after the briefest of exchanges in the hallway or over a crossword puzzle in the lunchroom, her bubbly personality and positive attitude had a way of rubbing off on you and lifting your spirits. It’s that positive energy that CarSoup employees will miss the most with the passing of our friend Joanne Martin.

Joanne started as a customer service representative not too long after first went online. It may be hard to imagine now, but for many of our first customers listing a car for sale on was the first time they had ever uploaded a photo or created an online account. Her patience and personality put customers at ease when they called in with questions, but it was her depth of knowledge of our website that made her such a valuable asset to all of us at

As CarSoup grew, so did Joanne’s responsibilities. She became the liaison with many of the auto dealers who advertise with us. Her gentle charm and that infectious laugh helped her build such strong relationships, that when CarSoup’s founder and CEO would go visit those clients all they wanted to do was talk about Joanne.

As she rose to a supervisory role, her office created its own gravitational field. Whether it was to visit her well-stocked candy dish or to ask a question “only Joanne would know the answer to,” she had a way of pulling you in. And when you left, you always felt a little bit better. Or at least you had a handful of M & Ms.

She always wanted to help. She would pitch in on any project. And that created a wonderful atmosphere of giving. So whenever she needed assistance, co-workers never hesitated give her a hand. You knew when you helped her out, it felt like you were receiving the gift, because she would repay you with the most sincere appreciation and her uplifting smile.

We at are saddened by the loss of our good friend, but grateful for the contributions she made to our company and to all of us as individuals.